Epdm Rubber Gaskets

Here at Slr Rubber Company we can produce EPDM rubber gaskets from a wide variety of compounds and grades to match your exact specifications.

Epdm Rubber Gaskets

High quality material
Outstanding weathering & ozone resistance
Good ageing resistance
Good flexibility & elongation rates
Suitable for water contact
Wide operating temperature range
Food quality grades available
Wide selection of shore hardness’s

Product Description

Here at Slr Rubber Company we can produce EPDM rubber gaskets from a wide variety of compounds and grades to match your exact specifications. EPDM gaskets are commonly used in exterior applications due to the materials excellent resistance to weathering deterioration. The solid EPDM compounds we use features a completely impermeable surface that also provides good abrasion resistance. Aside from offering good physical properties our EPDM gaskets also feature good resistance against alkalines, ketones and diluted acids.

We commonly supply EPDM rubber gaskets for use in water contact or exterior use applications. Applications such as; showers, hoses, roofing, mechanical goods as well as cable jointing can all benefit from EPDM gaskets. We also supply EPDM gaskets for use in electrical systems and installations. However, the combination of physical properties and resistance that EPDM offers make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Aside from our high quality grade we can also manufacture economy and commercial grades for use in low pressure applications. We can also supply WRAS and food quality grades for use in drinking water and food contact applications. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure what grade would be most suitable for your particular application.

Material Grades

There are many different grades as well as compounds available in EPDM rubber. It is always important to select the correct material to suit your specific application. Not only to ensure that your gasket functions as expected, but also to ensure that you are not pay for properties that you do not require. Below is a list of our most popular EPDM gasket grades:

High Grade EPDM

Our high grade EPDM material features superior weathering and ageing resistance compared to our commercial and economy grades. This can help to ensure that this material offers a longer life expectancy when compared to other grades of EPDM rubber. This is our most commonly request material for use in exterior gasket applications.

Commercial - Economy EPDM

Our economy and commercial grades of EPDM rubber offer a more cost-efficient gasket solution. This material is suitable for use in low pressure applications, where the material will not be put under much duress. Despite being a cheaper alternative this grade still offers some degree of weathering and ozone resistance.

WRAS Approved

Our WRAS approved grade is a high-quality material. It offers many of the same physical properties and resistance found in high grade EPDM, while also conforming to WRAS and WRC specifications. This ensures that this particular material is safe for use in potable (drinking) water applications.

Food Quality

Our food quality EPDM grade is available in white as standard. It fully conforms to FDA standards for safe contact with food. This ensures that the material is non-toxic as well as non-colouring. We commonly suggest this material for use in food processing and preparation applications.

Flame Retardant

Our economy grade EPDM sheeting is a great, standard use material that provides a more cost-efficient alternative to our premium grade materials. Despite being an economy grade, this particular material still offers good resistance to weathering and Ozone deterioration. It also provides good physical properties such as tensile strength and tear resistance.

Acid Resistant

This particular material combines the strength and resistance found in our high grade EPDM with additional acid and chemical resistance. We typically recommend this grade for use in highly abrasive applications or environments.

Your can visit the EPDM sheeting section of our website for more detailed information about each material. We are always happy to work directly with you in order to ensure that you get the most suitable material possible. Click here view our EPDM rubber sheeting materials.