Dilatation Seals

When Slr Rubber seals are used, they warrant your system like aluminum, PVC, wood profile applications.


When You Use Slr Rubber Construction Seals

You get a full seal with ISO 3934 and DIN 7863 standards.
You will not need to bear a second cost of seals on the doors, windows and exteriors of your structures. You fully comply with your commitments.

Water does not leak from the exterior into your home and workplace in rainy weather and your belongings will not be damaged.

Whistling noise or external sounds created in stormy and windy weather do not easily pass through the Slr Rubber seals used in doors, windows and exterior systems, and you will not hear these sounds at an uncomfortable level.

Slr Rubber seals, which you use on doors, windows and exteriors have a long life. They don’t lose their functionality for many years.

Slr Rubber seals provide an effective thermal insulation in every region in all seasons. Thus, they ensure reduced costs in your electricity and natural gas.

Thanks to their resistance to dust, they offer the opportunity to live in clean places.
They prevent door and window slamming and provide absorption during slamming.
Slr Rubber seals produced in different colors provide an aesthetic appearance to your structures.
When Slr Rubber seals are used, they warrant your system like
aluminum PVC, wood profile applications.
When you use Slr Rubber seals, you fully meet your aesthetic and technical performance expectations on the visible surfaces.

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